What If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

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Most people devote more energy to avoiding risk or loss than pursuing the path to success or gain. From a very early age, we are taught that failure is something to be avoided. Our education system rewards those that do not “fail”. Unfortunately, this thinking makes us recoil from any endeavor that may lead to us experiencing failure. It affects us in everything we do – from our career, sport, our social life to business.

But what if you knew you could not fail? Would the things you attempt in your life, be different? Imagine a wandering sorcerer knocked on your door and waved his magic wand over your head, telling you that, from now on, anything you do could not fail. Ah, how reassuring! Now you are clear to go after that bucket list of goals and desires that have been sitting in your bottom draw.

So, what has changed to now fill you with the energy and drive to achieve anything and everything you could possibly think of? Nothing physical. What may have shifted is you thinking regarding what is possible for you now. This exercise reveals the barriers that are preventing you from being, doing and having it all are self-imposed – in your mind.

Our minds are incredibly powerful and work for us based on what we focus on. They have been keeping us safe from harm and pain that we perceive from the time we were infants. Unfortunately, a lot of thinking from our infancy has set up programs that no longer serve us or are appropriate for an adult.

These programs can be barriers to our progress and development as entrepreneurs.

The “magic wand” scenario is a good 5-minute visualization exercise to do, every day for a week. During this exercise also list down the perceived barriers that are removed by the wand. They can be many and varied:

  • “I don’t have a formal education”
  • ” I haven’t  got a lot of money”
  • “I am too young”
  • “I am too old”
  • “I might fail and that is not good”
  • “I might succeed and then what?”
  • “I don’t deserve to be…popular, wealthy, happy”
  • “I don’t have anything to offer”

It is very difficult to succeed at anything if you have conflicting desires fighting it out in your mind. There’s the top of mind desire (conscious) of wanting to do something and the subconscious barrier thinking that we are unaware of.

When these two opposing energies meet, the subconscious will win. The outcome presents itself in self-defeating behaviour such as procrastination, self-sabotage or avoidance tactics.

You need to expose these thinking patterns, bring them to the surface, and your awareness. Only then can you change them through reinforcing empowering ways of thinking and behaviour.

What would be different in your life if you knew you couldn’t fail?


About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.