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Small Business Video Marketing

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Making video marketing a part of your overall strategy is expensive isn’t it? The answer to that question is, it can be. Engaging professional video production firms to plan, script, shoot, edit and package your video can set you back thousands of dollars. If you approach it from the perspective of committing to learn some basics and utilising affordable technology, the investment is quite small.

Video is a great way to market your business as it engages and informs at the same time. Visual mediums for advertising and marketing are very effective and flexible. You don’t have to be a videographer or guru to create basic videos.

All you need is the following:

  • A video marketing strategy
  • Mobile phone
  • Good microphone
  • Editing software

Video Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that you need to have an objective in creating your videos. You will require content or topic outlines for the videos, a schedule for producing them, a distribution plan and a promotion plan.

Now when I say “plan” I don’t mean a 25 page book! I refer to, perhaps, a one page blueprint that you follow and adjust going forward. Your first three videos should be an intro video, list building video and a sales video.

Your intro video will be featured on your website or Youtube channel – like an about me video. This video should define who you are, why you are in business, what you do for your customers along with a soft call to action. Your list building marketing video will consist of a valuable free offer in exchange for visitor email details.

The sales video features an irresistible offer of product/service…after your prospects have seen the previous two videos. So, there is a sequence or funnel that you need to build, to move prospects through, for this to work effectively.

Mobile Phone

Now, it may surprise you that I have not recommended using an expensive video camera or DSLR camera to record your videos. The fact is that you can take perfectly satisfactory video utilising the latest iPhone or android phone.

Some of the latest mobile phones are capable of shooting video in 4K quality, without the complexity involved in utilising a DSLR camera. There are very affordable accessories for mobile phones that will allow them to be mounted on tripods and utilise zoom lenses, to give your videos a professional look.

The iPhone has a default setting which is not 4K quality so you’ll have to go into your mobiles camera settings and select the super HD recording option. The default is set for a reason. 4K video will take up around 375 meg of storage for every minute of video! So make short videos and transfer the files to your computer regularly.

Good Microphone

At least half of the impact of video is the audio, or the quality of the audio. To ensure you get the best audio possible I would recommend that you do not rely on the microphone on your mobile phone. There are external microphones you can buy that fit into a device called an I-RIG, enabling you to record top-quality audio.

A good quality lapel microphone (corded) will set you back about $35. This microphone can be plugged into the I-RIG or a more upmarket digital recorder such as H4Zoom. Because we’re using an external microphone there will be a need for editing and synchronising the audio with the video.

Editing Software

As I mentioned in the previous section, you will need editing software to import your video into an add your audio track, along with any music track you may select. For Windows users an affordable editing suite I use is Camtasia. For Mac users, a great video editing product is Screenflow. The software I have mentioned is not free. I would recommend you invest the money in this software only if you intend to make videos as an ongoing part of your marketing strategy.

The software allows you to import videos, audio files and photos whilst allowing you to add captions, call outs and animated effects.

There are some free video editing software suites available, that offer limited functionality. If the idea of learning editing software leaves you cold then outsource the editing to an experienced resource, either local or overseas.

Have you made your own video? If you have, what  would your top tip be?



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