The First Stage Of Your Business Growing Pains.

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First Stage Business Growing Pains

Businesses go through several stages of growth over the years. When you first start out as an entrepreneur you are full of energy, motivation and positive conviction that this business will grow. You spend all your time and energy marketing and delivering services, planning, setting up meetings, keeping up the skill set by going to seminars and generally keeping up with what’s happening.
Then as your appointment book and schedule starts to fill with clients you hit a ceiling. There is no more time in the day for you to do anything other than service your clients send out invoices and prepare for the next day. You have reached your first barrier to growing your business to the next level. The business is totally dependent on you as the only person creating and delivering services and products.
As well as servicing your clients, you also have to do all of the necessary administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, creating graphics, creating content for social media, attending to your website, and a myriad other tasks that you need to do to keep the business running.
To transition to the next level in your business will require that you develop systems and processes that can help you run your business whilst letting you expand the amount of services and products you can provide to your clients.
It may also require that you bring on board employees or virtual assistants to handle some of the administration and follow-up tasks so you can get on with the business of delivering the services that your clients demand.
A way to tell that you have hit this stage in your business journey is that you will feel totally overwhelmed. The thing you do when this happens is to step back and review your overall business and then define and document those activities that you are performing repeatedly.
These tasks are ripe for systemizing as this allows you to perform them in a standard and measurable way. When documented, these tasks and activities and processes can be handed over to other resources to perform those duties for you while  you get on with marketing and growing your business.

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