The Benefits Of Empowered Employees

The Benefits Of Empowered Employees

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If you are running a business and finding that you haven’t got time to scratch yourself each day, it’s time to review how you manage your resources.

One of the reasons you are constantly interrupted by staff or have to constantly firefight issues may be your own  need to control your environment.

That’s fine when you are working on your own – a problem when you have employees performing various functions. Here are 4 benefits of delegating to your employees and empowering them to make decisions for themselves.

You Cease To Be The Bottleneck

It is a self defeating approach to have multiple staff all having to come to you for direction. The more staff, the more time taken by you to address their questions and instruct them on the next step to take.

At some stage your ability to grow the business will be compromised in favour of just keeping current operations viable.

You become the bottleneck in your business and 80% of you time will be eaten up each day being a “traffic cop”. If you are absent, the business grinds to a halt. This is exhausting and risky when it comes to running a business.

By training your staff to only come to you with an issue if they have a solution to offer, you place power in their hands and leverage their creativity.

Soon you will have your staff resolving the larger percentage of problems encountered during the day. Business flows and productivity – yours and theirs improves.

Your Stress Levels Drop

Imagine if there was a reduction in firefighting and rework of 50 percent. Would this impact on the time you have to actually work on the business? Absolutely.

Would you be less stressed if you knew your employees were willing and able to run your business without having to be micro managed?

Aiming for even an hour a day more to yourself is a goal you should immediately embrace. Your ability to keep managing and running your business relies on your health.

As we all know, stress can affect our health and our state of mind.

You Can Work Less Hours

This goes hand in hand with reducing your stress levels. You will find that by empowering your employees through training, communicating clear expectations and allowing them to make decisions, your need to be present reduces.

There is busy, frenetic and efficient management of a business (long hours) and there is effective, productive activity performed in less time. No need to fall on your own sword by working crazy hours.

Creating processes and systems for running your business will amplify your time and your employees effectiveness. Less time needed to run the business means more family time, planning time and a more fulfilling life as a successful business owner.

Your Employees Will Contribute More

As W. Edwards Deming (engineer and management consultant) exhorted business owners…”Don’t let your employees leave their brains at the door”.

What he meant was to build a culture that expects all employees to contribute and leverage the combined power of everyone involved in the business. Some of your employees have hobbies, passions or previous experience that utilizes skills not being harnessed in your business.

Your task is to understand what your employees are good at and what it is that they value. It may be praise, time off, involvement in the decision process or a sense of team camaraderie.

Whatever it is, if you give them opportunities to experience these things in their day they will be happier and more inclined to go the extra mile for you.

There are many benefits of including your employees in your business and sharing vision,values and direction. Start by talking with your staff about how to make it so!

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Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.