The 5 Things You Need To Know About Story Telling In Marketing

marketing and salesThis article from Sonia Simone, written for CopyBlogger resonated with me.

Stories are a part of everyone’s childhood psyche.

From the time you could walk your parents and family recounted stories and fables to you, holding you spellbound and delighted.

It may seem like marketing for your business has nothing to do with story telling,but a well crafted “story” about your background and your passion for why you do what you do can be very compelling to potential clients.

A well written story can achieve most,if not all, of the objectives encapsuled in the A.I.D.A.model (Attention,Interest,Desire,Action).

Here are a few paragraphs of the article:

Here on Copyblogger, you’ve seen us talk many times about how to tell a terrific marketing story.

Why? Because stories are fundamental to how we communicate as human beings. Tell the right story and you can capture attention, entertain, enlighten, and persuade … all in the course of just a few minutes.

Stories are memorable and shareable — and those are two of the most important aspects of the very best content.

So we can all agree that stories matter … but how do you tell them?

What, specifically, makes for a good marketing story?

Today I want to share five critical components with you, and talk about how they fit into your marketing and your business. We’ll start, as every good story does, with the hero …

1. You need a hero

All good stories are about someone (even if that someone is a professional monster or a talking toy).

The biggest mistake businesses make is thinking that their business is the hero of the story. This is prevalent among a lot of insecurity-based advertising (“buy our toothpaste or you’ll die friendless and alone”), but it makes for a selfish, easily ignored marketing message.

To tell a compelling content marketing story, your customer must be the hero.

And what defines a hero? The hero of the story is the one who is transformed as the story progresses, from an ordinary person into someone extraordinary.

In other words …

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Is storytelling part of how you communicate your marketing message?



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