The 4 Steps To Productive Employees

business coachingWe all want our staff to perform, don’t we? Well there is a good reason for desiring this goal as one of the most important aspects of your business that a customer experiences will be interacting with your staff.

There is no getting around it. You may spend a lot of time and money marketing your business, building the image, crafting the value proposition and developing great services and products.

All this will be wasted the first time a prospect/customer meets up with a surly, untrained staff member representing your business. Ok, I know that’s not a description of your staff!

It’s incredible the impact that improving staff knowledge, confidence and productivity has on a businesses bottom line…..

You need to understand and have in place at a minimum the following:

  • The right environment
  • An understanding of human needs
  • Clear vision of what is expected
  • A repeatable process for staff selection

The Right Environment

People like to work where they feel part of a team and appreciated for their part in things, no matter how trivial it may appear.

Be open to positive feedback from your staff regarding processes such as sales,administration and general operations. Show you respect their contribution and they will look for ways to help you improve your systems.

An occasional “Well done” or acknowledgment of performance in front of peers goes a long way!

An Understanding Of Human Needs

Every human being craves acknowledgement, appreciation and connection – whether it’s within the family or their place of work. Besides the creature comforts of shelter ,warmth and food there is also the need for a feeling of contribution and  having their skills recognized.

All to often we, as employers, forget this simple truth. Creating a team structure with appropriate levels of training in the skills your staff need to perform the roles and responsibilities you set them is part of your task.

Reviewing staff performance based on agreed goals and criteria allows for a balanced assessment of whether they are in fact performing as expected. It is also fairer than random day to day mandates of what constitutes “good performance”.

Know your staff as individuals and counsel them according to agreed guidelines that have been documented and distributed.

Clear Vision Of What Is Expected

You will have more success in attaining your business goals if you communicate them to your employees.

Along with job descriptions there should be defined levels of what the company regards as acceptable performance, behavior, accountability, scope of the role/s and contribution.

If your employees are expected to make sales for example, then defining sales targets and ensuring they have the training, data and tools to achieve the targets is your responsibility as the owner or manager.

A Repeatable Process For Staff Selection

One of the best ways to ensure you only hire the employees you really want is to develop and document a recruitment process. This process would incorporate:

  • Role and job description creation
  • Selection criteria defined
  • Interview process defined
  • Interview questions and attitude assessment
  • Practical tests or skill assessment procedures
  • Reference checking
  • Communication during the recruitment process   (Both internal & external)

About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.