Small Business Marketing Videos – Who Needs Them?

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Small Business Marketing Videos

You may have thought to market your business by making T-shirts, creating social media accounts, business cards, flyers, etc. — but, have you thought about small business marketing videos? Do you know the potential sales that can be generated by this strategy? I’m here to explain why you should consider adding video to your marketing toolbox.


Businesses aren’t just creating pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., some are even on YouTube. Video marketing has been on the rise, especially over the last year. Many business owners are gaining more sales from marketing via videos. There are three benefits when it comes to utilizing video within your marketing.

Larger Appeal

Have you ever watched say an explainer/introductory video on a business’  product or service . Try it with a competitor of yours. You tend to stay more focused on what they are saying, rather than skimming through text.

How about feeling like you can trust them more when there is a video displaying their body posture, tone of voice and facial expressions? Well, there are many customers who feel the exact same way when it comes to video marketing.

Multiple Device Access

Video marketing is great because it can be accessed on phones, tablets, iPod, and PC. Most people watch videos on their device anyway, so why not give them something to watch that may benefit you and them. People want to be entertained and educated and video keeps their eyeballs locked on your message for longer.

Great for Search Engines

Whether you’re placing a video on your blog or website, or even YouTube, you can actually climb up the search engine rankings with a well optimized video. When you run a business, whether online or offline,  it’s essential to do whatever you can to be featured on the first page when it comes to search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, etc.

Uploading your video to Youtube and then embedding that video on your website will get you lots of Google love!

Increase Buyer Confidence And Trust

Your customers will  feel more confident doing business with you when you post a marketing video. They will be able to see you or someone on your team talk about your products/service. This creates confidence with your customers, and it allows them to trust the products/service you are offering.

A Few Tips

When you take the leap and actually create videos, here are a few pointers.

  • Try to only focus on the important aspects of your product or service during the videos.
  • Highlight the relevant benefits to the customer.
  • Try not to ramble on about unrelated facts or topics – stick to the main theme or message of the video.
  • Plan and write out what you want to say and practice it before making the video.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately, maintain eye contact with the camera, and speak clearly.
  • Ensure you have a quality microphone as the audio component of your video is very important

 Small business marketing videos can be a huge success. If you’re really looking to boost trust and sales, this could be an approach you can employ. Watch other marketing videos online, just to get an idea on what to expect to cover.

Of course, don’t copy them, but rather get a basic idea and model what you find. This could help tremendously. Now all you have to do is upload your videos  to YouTube, Vimeo or the many video platforms available and watch the sales come in!

About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A small business coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.