A Sales Funnel – The Missing Link In Your Business Prosperity

Sales Funnel Every business no matter what the size can benefit from a well thought out sales process or “funnel”.

You see, if you don’t have a formal process in place you are leaving the lions share of revenue and profits on the table. Many small businesses and service providers hunt for new leads and clients to sell to.

Once the sale is made they are off to hunt for more one off sales. Successful growing businesses implement a sales process within their business model that ensures their growth and profitability.

A simple online funnel would consist of the following components:

1. A Squeeze Page

This is normally located on your website (you do have a website right?) and can be the home page or another page created specifically for the purpose of gathering visitor  details (email address and name). The visitor exchanges their details to receive an “ethical bribe” in the form of a valuable downloadable report,video, audio,checklist that is created to solve a pressing issue or problem they are currently experiencing.

Another component of this page is an auto responder service that stores the captured details on a database.

2. A Thank You Page

Once the visitor has entered their details and clicked the submit button they are directed to a thank you page. On this page is a link to the offered resource (ethical bribe, remember). Other forms of promotion can be included on this page, including an offer to try one of your services or products. If the visitor is interested and clicks on your offer link they are sent to another page – the Sales Page.

3. The Sales Page

The Sales Page is exactly what it sounds like. Its job is to be a silent salesperson for you and outline the benefits and results achievable through doing business with you.

If the visitor buys your offering they become a client, or an interested potential client! Either way the client/visitor is available to listen to your marketing message via a series of emails that provide value and real resources to your database.

4. The AutoResponder

Autoresponder services provide a platform to store contact details of your website visitors as well as a mechanism for automating communication. Service such as MailChimp, Aweber, Icontact and Get Response allow for a series of emails and one off broadcasts (perhaps newsletters) to be sent to your email list on scheduled days and times.

Some of these services are free (MailChimp) although if you want the better features there is a subscription fee involved.

Some of the benefits of having a sales funnel are:

  • A formalised documented process for how you maximise your sales
  • It automates and simplifies the process of capturing visitor details and converting them into clients
  • It builds you a list which you can later market to – and as they say “the money is in the list”.
  • You create a mechanism by which you keep in contact with and retain your existing customers and communicate with your potential customers
  • A well constructed funnel will allow for you to up sell,  down sell, cross sell or promote affiliate or commission based offers to your database
  • It allows you to maximise the average sale per client and therefore gives you greater control over how quickly you grow your business
  • Make no mistake, well constructed sales process or sales funnel is a valuable asset in your business when it comes time to sell.
  • It simplifies the operational aspects of  systematically moving a potential client through your process of conversion and becoming a real client

Bottom line – without a sales funnel the potential of your business to grow is drastically reduced. Be in it to win it. Get started on creating your Sales Funnel now!

About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.