Passion Prior To Profits

business coachingI am sure many entrepreneurs have done it. I know I did in the early days. Yes, I too wanted to start a business primarily to make money.

My main drive was to run my own show and rake in lots of cash and profit! The end result was a dismal failure. I regrouped and changed the business model and tweaked a few more things. Again, although it was more successful than the previous attempt, it was not what I would call a success – I was not successful.

It took quite a while and many discussions with a mentor before the penny dropped. Good businesses are about providing great value to the customer. The first thing to focus on is whether your value proposition really is packed with value. Not how much can I make from selling this service/product.

If you really love helping people solve their problems, enhance their lives or make them feel good about themselves, the money will come. Demand from satisfied customers will drive referrals and buzz to your business.

When you are a customer of any business, you can tell whether that business cares about you and knows how to help you. Yes, they learn some of this through market research and surveys. Good business is based on delivering so much value that price doesn’t even enter into the customers decision making process.

These types of business have an ingredient that animates the and drives connection – passion. You can’t fake passion.

Entrepreneurs that have a passion for a particular service offering or product tend to have, at their very core, values that centre on serving others. Without the passion you will soon tire and find little enjoyment in your business – even if you are making money.

So, search for the passion that really drives and excites you. Then craft your services / product around this passion. It has to of course still be a product that is in demand and has a defined market but, once identified and driven by your passion it will attract and compel your customers to join you!

About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.