Marketing for Service Businesses: Key Tactics

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Marketing For Service Businesses 101

Marketing the services provided by your business is a necessary step that you need to take. You will likely not have any success without marketing and promoting your service offerings. Some people fail with their small business, because they expect customers to just walk through their door without marketing, and that is the complete opposite of what actually happens.

There are ways you can learn effective marketing for service businesses.

Letting Customers Know You

When you know you’re going to be ordering services from a company for a while, don’t you want to know as much about the company as possible? Your customers may try to get to know you and how your company works. Be open and forthright in edcuating them on not only your services , but your values and mission statement.

This allows them to get to know what you stand for, and feel more confident when ordering from you.

Competing With Value

Being a business that delivers great value for a customer’s money is going to be what will draw multiple customers in. It’s not about cutting your price rates to win the business of a customer or client, it’s about adding various services or products that solve their gnawing issues and problems, at an appealing cost, that will make your offer too good for them to resists.

This is known as “bundling” and many customers opt for it. You should consider taking time to develop your own service bundle that would appeal to your potential customers. Don’t feel frustrated if you need to test many combinations for keeping your incentives fresh.

Once you hit on the right combination of products or services that your target customer really wants, you are in business!

Tempting With Incentives

Customers who have had a positive experience with your business in the past will more than likely return. However, you can also tempt customers by making special offers. A business that provides a home service, such as painting, air conditioning, rug cleaning, or even home heating can benefit by sending potential customers coupons or vouchers  in the mail.

You can send them to different households, just by a single area code.  Your offer will be mailed to everyone in that area code. Or email them out if you have built an email list of customers. And you have, right?

Keeping In Touch

When you keep in touch with your customers, it makes them feel like they matter. Keep in touch with your customer database at least every 4-6 weeks. Let them know of new offers and bundles you have on offer. It costs a lot less to get an existing customer to buy, than to try and get a new one.

If you want your opportunities to grow, this is one of the best options.

Don’t hesitate to use marketing communication to ask for any referrals. Emailing a success story, and ask the recipients to forward the email to someone who could benefit—that is a great way as well to keep up sales and marketing for service businesses.

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