How Do I Manage My Business Online Reputation?

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 Do I Manage My Business Online Reputation?

People talk. Sometimes they say bad things.

They may say bad things about you or your business!

So, well you may ask how do I manage my business online reputation. Before you can manage your reputation you have to be aware of the status of your image and reputation in the market place.

This means setting up systems to monitor and track what is being said about you across the internet.

There are platforms and services that exist purely for this purpose.

One easy way to check what your customers and non customers think of you is to keep tabs on Google reviews of your business.

You will find people are much more likely to post a negative review of their experience of a business than a positive one! Go figure.

Anyway, if you find  negative reviews being posted on various review sites, by all means respond. Some business owners think that remaining silent or ignoring these reviews is the best approach.

I disagree. You need to respond to these reviews as you would a customer complaint. In doing so you will be seen to be sincerely trying to resolve the issue.

  • Ask for clarification if the review is vague
  • Respond without getting irate or personal
  • Do communicate what you will do to resolve the issue
  • Do what you say you will do!
  • Post progress comments
  • If the reviewer is appeased ask them for another positive review or to remove the original review

You can utilize free sites like This site allows you to set up automated activities that trigger based on your selected criteria. The IFTTT stands for If  This Then That.

Say for instance you wanted to know when your company name was mentioned in an industry RSS feed. You can set up a simple formula that states “If this name occurs in this RSS feed send an email to this address and alert me”.

Another service is Google’s Me on the Web resource. It allows you to track any mention of employees or executive staff related to certain companies.

You can also try out Ice Rocket, Topsy and Social Mention as these sites let you search Twitter, Facebook and other platforms for social mentions of any person or company you select.

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