Direct Mail – Everything Old Is New Again!

Just a quick post on the subject of direct mail as a marketing strategy. With all the hype that is generated in the media about why  small businesses have to move their marketing on line, effective methods such as the simple letter are overlooked. The stampede to the internet by online and off line businesses creates an opportunity for those who want to follow a contrary approach to one facet of their marketing.

With the emphasis on email marketing to deliver offers to prospects there is less competition in the direct mail (letters) arena. A well crafted and expertly delivered direct mail piece still has the power to drive people to act. Email can be very effective, although the delivery rate can be poor. The other aspect is the amount of competition for an email readers attention. We are all inundated with unwanted emails and spam, whereas very few of us receive a personally addressed (hand written name and address) piece of mail.

So, whilst every one is marketing via email, perhaps it’s time to revisit the old time tested tactic of structuring a well written and compelling letter to introduce your business or make an irresistible offer. It might just get you a great response  from the email weary recipient!

About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.