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A Sales Funnel – The Missing Link In Your Business Prosperity

Every business no matter what the size can benefit from a well thought out sales process or “funnel”. You see, if you don’t have a formal process in place you are leaving the lions share of revenue and profits on the table. Many small businesses and service providers hunt for new leads and clients to […]

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The 3 Step Soft Sell

When it comes to making a sale we can all get a little excited. That excitement, unfortunately, can work against us by scaring off our prospect. Prospects (just like you and me) do not like to be put under pressure ina selling situation. They become very creative with their objections and reasons for not committing […]

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Sales Advice For A Down Market

When business is slow, it becomes all too easy to blame it on a down market. Quit thinking this way and see the slow economy as an opportunity to beef up your sales training. You see, the best salespeople thrive when the market is down. How? They just change their strategy. Here are four foolproof […]

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