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handling sales objections

Handling Sales Objections With FAQs

Handling Sales Objections With FAQs Handling sales objections during the sales process is a challenge most business owners need to meet and turn to their advantage. Just how do you turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ in a sale? Well for a start you should welcome objections and treat them as valuable feedback on your […]

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Increase Sales Revenue With These 4 Questions

Four Questions To Increase Sales Revenue All businesses want to increase sales revenue – as long as those revenues are profitable. Have you ever had a situation where you have felt pressured to lower your price for a service to avoid losing the sale? Discounting has its place, but as an ongoing strategy for most […]

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Double Your Sales Conversion With This One Strategy

One of the fastest ways to increase your sales conversion rate…is to get clear about who you serve. You’ll get more conversions (sales) as a percentage of your prospecting pipeline if those prospects are,in fact, your target market. One of the first things you, as a business owner, should define is your ideal avatar or […]

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7 Follow Up Strategies For More Sales

Ok, so it’s not sexy, and just the thought if it can evoke eye bulging fear in some people, but following up is effective for more sales. Yes, it’s something you have to schedule and do consistently for it to work for you, but the rewards are significant. And guess what? Most entrepreneurs, business owners […]

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increase sales

Using Conversion Optimization To Increase Sales

Conversion Optimization To Increase Sales A major focus for most business owners is on how to increase sales, and rightly so. Without knowing how to close sales, there is no sales growth or business. So, how do we increase sales? Well, we can increase the flow rate of leads that we generate by ramping up […]

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Educate Prospects To Improve Sales

Educate Prospects To Improve Sales Not all prospective customers are at the same stage of the decision-making process when you encounter them. Some prospects you direct your marketing message at may not even be aware of the issues that your services or products solve. You may be talking to prospects who are still in the […]

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4 Steps To Better Conversions

Better Conversions In 4 Steps In our pursuit of sales we sometimes forget the basics of what creates our revenue and profit. You may have plenty of leads being generated and yet suffer from low sales figures. Your leads are one part of the sales process that is needed. The next segment is very critical […]

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customer retention strategies

3 Ways To Improve Customer Retention

An often forgotten aspect of many enterprises is the maintenance and growth of current customer business. Winning new customers takes time, money and effort. There is a cost to every new customer acquired. There is also the exciting potential of sales, not just now, but long into the future. Continuity of revenue is a mainstay […]

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4 Steps To Qualified Sales Leads

Photo Source Filtering For Qualified Sales Leads Generating sales leads for your business is very important.  It’s an activity that any business owner  should spend quite a bit of their time on. Now, there are sales leads and there are qualified sales leads, the latter being the real gold you want to pan for. Many […]

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Why Do You Need A Sales Funnel?

I created this simple infographic as  a primer for those coaches, service providers and consultants who have yet to formalize their sales process. I know, it’s just one more thing to think of! I recommend you look seriously at defining and building a system to maximize your sales pipeline. Doing this allows you to measure […]

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