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Product Bundling Supercharges Your Sales

The Problem:Product bundling is a powerful way to maximise revenues and profits in any business. Unfortunately for some businesses, higher sales can mean more activity and time spent, which can lead to burnout.An issue with many businesses is that they offer individual products or services and miss out on the results that can be achieved […]

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5 Sales Boosters To Use Right Now

ID:65331811 The Need For Sales Boosters It happens to every business at some time, a lack of sales boosters. A lull in sales or a seasonal trough that creates a cash flow dilemma. It pays to have strategies you can implement to smooth out these rough patches in your business revenues.Below are 5 proven and effective […]

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Matching Your Services To Prospect Needs

Every once in a while its a good idea to review your business and identify areas for improvement. If you are finding your conversion rate could be better, then one of the reasons may be that your offer does not adequately address your prospects wants and needs. Really understanding your ideal prospect is critical to […]

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Get Personal With Your Unique Value Proposition

Your Unique Value Proposition So, just what is a unique value proposition? Well according to The encyclopedia it’s: “The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” The fact is a lot of businesses do not have […]

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Small Business Development Questions You Should Ask

Small business development can seem daunting at times. You definitely don’t have all the answers and it can be hard to ask questions of those around you. It always pays to take the time to ask the hard questions so that you can find the best ways to cultivate your business. Whether it’s small business […]

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50+ Lead Generation Strategies To Boost Revenues

Lead generation, and how to improve it, occupies the minds of most entrepreneurs. I have scoured the internet and found 7 great resources, on that very subject, to save you the time and effort. On some sites you will have to deflect  pop ups like a ninja, but it is worth the exercise! Some are […]

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Double Sales And Revenue With Half The Effort

Yes, the path to increased revenues it is quite doable. You can improve your sales and revenues by reducing friction and drop off in your sales funnel and gating points within your business. Most businesses have a lot of leads coming in to their sales funnel which have to jump a few hurdles before they […]

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Why You Need Marketing Objectives?

I’m going to assume that you have a limited budget, want to spend that budget judiciously, and you want to measure the effectiveness of that spend. Now, being able to measure the effectiveness of any particular marketing campaign relies on you having set some objectives initially. This is a missing component of many small business […]

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Using Customer Data To Reveal Your Target Market

To connect with your ideal customer avatar, your target market, you need to become a detective. By this I mean you have to start collecting data on their behaviours and interactions with your business. Once you have this customer data you then set about analysing and testing to better understand the shortest route to connect […]

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5 Small Business Marketing Tips

Small Business Marketing Tips Here are five small business marketing tips that can save you a lot of frustration and time when it comes to marketing your small business. Miss out on any of these steps and you will be leaving a lot of business on the table. Know Your Audience When it comes to […]

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