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5 Proven Ways To Retain Customers For Life

1 ​​Keep Talking To Them​Once the sale is made there is a fantastic opportunity to ask your new customer ​some questions. Do not forget or ignore your customers or they will leave. All businesses experience attrition – customer drop off. Hospitality businesses can have a 20% attrition rate per year!Reduc​ing the attrition rate is just […]

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How To Win Back Lost Customers

There are many reasons a customer may decide to leave the relationship they had with your business. You ask your self Was it something I said? Something someone else said? Something I did? Something I didn’t do?!​Believe it or not you can turn things around, if you treat this situation as an ​opportunity to improve […]

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Customer Retention Equals Business Growth

If you have an existing customer base to market to, there is a very simple way to grow your business other than chasing new leads, and that is customer retention. Of course you need new, fresh, ideal leads being generated on a regular basis going forward. But it shouldn’t be your only focus. 60 to […]

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5 Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies The way to grow a healthy business is to optimise the customer experience and implement customer retention strategies to keep your hard won customer base. You would also be consistently adding to that base. Good businesses value their customers and go to great lengths to build systems to ensure they stay for […]

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