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10 Books To Use As Small Business Tools

10 Books To Use As Small Business Tools Are you looking for small business tools or ideas for growing your revenues from entrepreneurs who’ve successfully run their own business? Are you thinking of starting up your own small business? You’ve come to the right place!  Here are our ten top book picks. 10 Habits of […]

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Tactics Without Strategy Equals Business Failure

What’s the difference between strategy and tactics? How can you use both to your advantage in your business? Your business strategy defines what your goal is. Your business tactics help you achieve that goal. If you use tactics without having a clear cut business objective your business will fail. Both strategy and tactics fit together […]

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Is Your Business Stuck In The Stone Age?

The Stone Age didn’t end because our ancestors ran out of stones. These people discovered and adopted new technologies and moved into the next era. Are you still using a spreadsheet to list your customer contacts within your sales funnel? Do you keep track of your finances with the same tool? When you have  a […]

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Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Strategy

Your Small Business Needs A Marketing StrategyIf you were going on a holiday overseas you would probably put quite a bit of time into planning how you were going to get there, where you would stay,what you want to see and do, what you would take in the way of clothing, equipment etc. It’ sad […]

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Do You Have A Profitable Business Model?

Is Your Business Model Profitable? Having a profitable business is something that we all desire and strive for daily. And as a business has many moving parts, it isn’t a matter of just tweaking one that will create profitability. It requires an understanding of what makes a business profitable and focusing on improving each area […]

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Why Is Your Small Business Not As Profitable As It Could Be?

Running a small business can be challenging, fun, profitable and life changing. We all have different reasons for going into business. I believe I can say that one of the reasons might be to make a better income than working in a job. Then why do so many small businesses struggle to deliver the very […]

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The Importance Of Developing An Effective Value Proposition

Scenario: You’re a bookkeeper, you’ve spent three months working on your business plan, getting the capital together, leasing out an office, getting a logo and stationery produced. You have signed up at the local business chamber, networking group, even a referrals swap group.  You’ve got your business cards, flyers sorted and you posted an advertisement […]

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The 9 Parts Of Your Business Model

There are many reasons why businesses fail. Here are four of the major reasons: A poorly constructed/flawed Business Model Poor execution of the Business Model External Threats (Competitors, legislation, economy etc) Selling services/products that do not solve a big enough problem or have little demand What can we glean from this? Well, for a start, […]

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3 Reasons For Having A Business Strategy

Any real business should have a business strategy documented no matter how basic. You may roll your eyes and say – “Just what I need, another document that won’t be looked at!”. I agree that some strategies can be so complex and hard to navigate that they are not referenced at all. This is an […]

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Leverage Your Business Growth By Outsourcing

There comes a time in any business where you need to enlist some help. Whether you are an independent professional or a business with 30 employees does not matter. We all reach a level where we cannot produce or do any more without leveraging other resources. Enter outsourcing. The beauty of outsourcing is that it […]

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