Business Coaching

Business Coaching & Consulting Services to Grow Your Sales Profits and Cash – Guaranteed!

We all need a hand occasionally and this is especially true in the competitive world of business. Business owners wear so many hats it is easy to become overwhelmed in trying to attend to all the activities that are to be performed.

ProfitKoach can assist by providing the expertise to help you develop Business & Marketing Plans, Policy & Procedure Manuals and performing business analysis or delivering longer term Coaching and support programs.

Business Coaching

To have a successful business, you need to address the underlying business problems that cause ALL business failures. The cause of business failure is ALWAYS one or more of the following…

  • Lack of strategy and planning
  • Poor financial management
  • No marketing and sales systems
  • Poor human resources management
  • Lack of working capital (see financial management)

A range of programs and packages are available that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • ProfitKoach Group Coaching
  • 30 Days to Business Growth
  • ProfitKoach Marketing Blueprint
  • PofitKoach Mentor Program

All of our coaching programs are delivered either in personal one on one sessions with you and your staff or via Skype (as appropriate). Support is there for you via telephone, Skype and email whenever you have a question or need assistance.

During these sessions we will work with you to:

  • Define your Vision and goals
  • Identify strategies & opportunities to multiply your profits
  • Make Your Business more efficient & less dependent on You
  • Put in place people systems to get the best productivity from your staff
  • “De risk” You Business to ensure you create a more valuable asset
  • Provide support to overcome obstacles

The programs range from one month to twelve months in duration with all our longer term programs backed with a performance guarantee. This ensures that you can have full confidence with our products and services as well as placing the risk squarely with us.

Significant increases in profits have been achieved in businesses ranging from manufacturing to professional services. These gains are attributable to motivated business owners working with their coach to implement practical, effective strategies in Business Management, Marketing, Sales, Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction.

Here is a list of some of the types of businesses we have helped:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Hairdressers
  • Building Services
  • Conveyancing
  • Engineering Services
  • Financial Services
  • Fitness Centre
  • Health Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurant

See Business Coaching FAQs for further information on what these programs entail or take advantage of our Free Business Consultation

Group Coaching

ProfitKoach Group Coaching

This is an affordable and effective way to get the basic knowledge and strategies required to boost you business returns. Groups consist of 3 to 6 business owners from non competing businesses. Delivery is via work shop format or webinar, with active involvement of the group members and ample opportunity for forming alliances.

Designed for businesses on a tight budget!

30 Days to Business Growth

Discover the hidden cash in your business! A program to leverage the returns from your biggest asset (your customer database). In just four weeks you could be seeing the results of this program in your figures. Learn how to get more:

  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Cash flow

If you are after a low cost and effective approach to generating profits and cash then this is for you! Contact us now.

ProfitKoach Marketing Blueprint

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to learn how successful business owners go about their Marketing and Sales to generate Sales, Profits and Cash. Here is what you will get from this program:

  • How to target the best buyers and make them your customers
  • Low or zero cost lead generation strategies
  • Sales Methods
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling
  • Differentiating your Product
  • Cutting your Marketing Costs
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty
  • Follow-up Programs

coachAnd here are a few more nuggets – you will also learn the most important components in business arithmetic:

  • Increasing the number of leads
  • Increasing the conversion rate of leads to Sales
  • Increasing the Average Value per Sale
  • Increasing the number of Times a Customers Buys from You
  • Increasing the Profit per Sale

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ProfitKoach Mentor Program

This is a longer term (usually 12 months) program for Business Owners seeking a way to step back from their business and build it to the point where it can operate without them. A business which has hit a ceiling on capacity or growth, or owners who are working excessive hours would benefit greatly from this program.

If you are running a successful business and know there is “more in the tank” that can be accessed with some guidance and the right strategies then the ProfitKoach Mentor Program may be for you.

What this program delivers:

  • In depth review of all aspects of your business
  • Analysis of the review findings crystallised into a Diagnostic Report
  • Recommendations and strategies for input into building your Business Plan
  • Development of your Business Plan and Marketing Plan
  • Development of Business Systems (processes to manage your business)
  • Defining your Sales Process
  • Weekly face to face coaching sessions
  • Support and guidance
  • Key Performance Indicator reports

Ask for the Free Business Consultation


Following are just some of the areas that ProfitKoach may be able to assist you with in regards to your short term consulting needs:

  • Business Diagnostic & Report
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Business & Marketing Plans

Business Diagnostic & Report

An in depth and detailed data gathering service that explores all areas of your business. Do you want to know:

  • Your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Which areas of your business present the biggest opportunities for growth?
  • What will give you the biggest return for the least money & time?
  • How to pinpoint the bottlenecks in your business

………then this is the service for you! You will receive a detailed report with recommendations for what you should do to position yourself for business growth.

Marketing Assessment

Our Marketing Assessment service is designed for business owners who want an objective review of their marketing strategy and tactics. It is for the owner who wants the information to allow him/her to implement the strategies on their own. A report is delivered outlining recommendations and new strategies that can be put in place by the business owner. This is an affordable and powerful way to improve the return on your marketing investment.

We review and analyse all your marketing materials, promotions and programs – this process can be completed in around two weeks. You will be seeing results very soon after implementing the recommendations.

To find out more details about our Marketing Assessment consulting service contact us now.

Business & Marketing Plans

Need assistance in developing these two critical business resources?

We work with you through the process of defining your vision, values and goals as well as your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Your vision is then developed into strategies and the action plans to deliver those strategies.

This can be a challenging and time consuming exercise – especially when you are consumed by the day to day running of your business. Nonetheless these planning tools are crucial to your success and therefore need to be created.

Business Phases of Growth

Businesses go through various phases in their development. There are five distinct phases and knowing the symptoms of each phase provides a good basis for diagnosing where you are in the development cycle. New challenges present themselves to the owners of businesses as they reach a crisis in each phase.
Not being aware of what phase of growth they are in, and the skills needed to make the transition to the next phase, is the cause of many business owners downfall.

1. Creativity
The first phase of business (start up) requires entrepreneurial energy, creativity and customers all provided by the new owner. The owner wears many hats and performs most of the day to day operational duties eventually becoming bogged down in the overwhelming responsibilities. There is a crisis of leadership and what is required is Systems & Process.

2. Systems & Process
The challenge during this phase is developing and implementing the processes and systems to allow growth to occur in a structured and controlled manner. Systems are used to measure and track the performance of the business and its people. Formal communication, recruitment and management processes are rolled out.
Things are great for a time – then another challenge arises when employees start demanding more autonomy and control in their roles. This drives the business decision to transition to a Delegation phase.

3. Delegation
This phase is extremely difficult for the business owner as he/she feels the pangs of loss of control of their “baby”. The delegation of responsibilities to employees requires trust and the definition of agreed criteria to allow the owner to make the transition work.
The management model goes from top down to a team based format. Next comes the Coordination phase.

4. Coordination
This phase is required as the organisation becomes increasingly fragmented (created by people doing their own thing in the third phase). There is a need for more sophisticated controls and delivery of strategic top down programmes to regulate behaviour.
Unfortunately these very initiatives eventually can create bureaucracy and stifle creativity as well as responsiveness to the changes in the business environment.

5. Collaboration
The business has come full circle and there needs to be a focus on collaboration, innovation and cross functional team based initiatives. Rewards and incentives are developed to be geared for teams and individuals. Training and education programmes become a focus as does greater spontaneity and flexibility.

Skilful handling of interpersonal issues replaces rigid human resources rules.

Most growing businesses are in phases 1 to 3 – what phase is your business in?