Brand Yourself To Stand Out In Business

Here’s a no fluff article by Oliver Blanchard on why you need to stand out and differentiate your business from the pack – it’s sink or swim.

If you don’t have a unique value proposition that separates you and your business from other competing companies you are in trouble. So brand yourself now.

Spending some time on identifying why clients should do business with you is time well spent. While you are at it define exactly what you offer that is of value that your competitors do not – or can’t.

….get your floaties out!

Word to the wise: If you don’t stand out in some way, you’re done.

You might be able to exist, you might manage to survive, but that’s all you’ll ever have to look forward to. You can be a one-man show and still be corporate. Don’t do it. Don’t waste your time being just like everyone else. Don’t waste your soul on being average.

Give yourself more credit. Everyone has strengths. Everyone has talents and abilities. Not using them every day even in some small way is such a shame it ought to be a crime. (And it’s bad business to boot.)

Whether you’re a photography studio, a web design firm, a sports magazine, a sportswear company, a triathlon shop or an antique furniture store, you either stand out, or someone who does will come along to wow your audience and steal your business right from under your nose……..

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