business strategy

Tactics Without Strategy Equals Business Failure

What’s the difference between strategy and tactics? How can you use both to your advantage in your business? Your business strategy defines what your goal is. Your business tactics help you achieve that goal. If you use tactics without having a clear cut business objective your business will fail. Both strategy and tactics fit together […]

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customer retention strategies

Customer Retention Equals Business Growth

If you have an existing customer base to market to, there is a very simple way to grow your business other than chasing new leads, and that is customer retention. Of course you need new, fresh, ideal leads being generated on a regular basis going forward. But it shouldn’t be your only focus. 60 to […]

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small business development

Small Business Development Questions You Should Ask

Small business development can seem daunting at times. You definitely don’t have all the answers and it can be hard to ask questions of those around you. It always pays to take the time to ask the hard questions so that you can find the best ways to cultivate your business. Whether it’s small business […]

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The Best Small Business Tools For 2017

The Best Small Business Tools for 2017 Whether you are starting up a business or already are running a business, there are an unlimited amount of small business tools out there for you to use. If you are looking to create growth in sales or innovation, increase your profits, or retain customers there are tons […]

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Avoid Business Failure

7 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Failing Business

7 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Failing Business Thousands of businesses die out each year, but most business failure provides signs. If you fear that your business is failing, you need to take a look at the warning signs. From a declining market to  poor management , you may be experiencing some of these signs. The […]

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time management strategies

Effective Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Effective Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs As an entrepreneur, you know that there is never enough time in the day to do everything you want to get done. It may seem like your “To Do” list is ever-growing and that your “Done” list is extremely smaller than you thought it was earlier in the day. […]

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personal branding

Personal Branding In 6 Questions

Your personal branding is a critical component of your overall business strategy. There is a lot good material written on branding and sometimes it can get very complex. Simple is good! So I have created a very basic set of questions to start your journey of defining your personal brand. Some of the important objectives […]

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3 Hacks For Improved Productivity

Streamlining our productivity in business is critical. Quite simply, the longer something takes (whether that is service delivery or product creation) the more it costs. By shortening the timeline for producing an offering, there are cost savings in the labour component and other overheads. This is especially important for what is viewed as commodity type […]

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What If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

Most people devote more energy to avoiding risk or loss than pursuing the path to success or gain. From a very early age, we are taught that failure is something to be avoided. Our education system rewards those that do not “fail”. Unfortunately, this thinking makes us recoil from any endeavor that may lead to […]

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Increase Sales Revenue With These 4 Questions

Four Questions To Increase Sales Revenue All businesses want to increase sales revenue – as long as those revenues are profitable. Have you ever had a situation where you have felt pressured to lower your price for a service to avoid losing the sale? Discounting has its place, but as an ongoing strategy for most […]

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