5 Proven Ways To Retain Customers For Life


Keep Talking To Them

Once the sale is made there is a fantastic opportunity to ensure you retain customers for life. Do not forget or ignore your customers or they will leave.

All businesses experience attrition - customer drop off. Hospitality businesses can have a 20% attrition rate per year!

Reducing the attrition rate is just as important as getting new customers.

The customer experience starts with what happens immediately after the sale. On-boarding your customer smoothly and ensuring they feel respected is critical.

You can:

  • Invite them to connect on Social Media
  • Request they respond to a survey
  • Send them an email newsletter and follow up information

Answer Questions To Retain Customers

Customers love to know they can get feed back and answers to any questions they have. do you have a system that they can use to communicate with you? Are you easy to reach?

You can:

  • Set up a Help Desk facility
  • Provide a Frequently Asked Questions resource
  • Have a Knowledge Base available
  • Have a process for handling complaints

Offer Support

If you sell products that a customer will use it is important that they are shown how to get the most from their purchase.

This means providing training, courses or demos in the use of the product. you may think about creating a members only group or platform they can visit and view various resources.

It's in your best interests to ensure your customers use your products and have a great experience. If they don't know how to work/use a product they will have a negative view of your business.



Act On Feedback

Some business owners see complaints or customer suggestions as something to be ignored.

It is very easy to lose a customer if they feel you have not responded to a complaint. If this happens you will have to win them back. They will also tell other prospective customers of your lack of caring.

If you listen and respond with solutions and respect, you will keep your customer and create an advocate for your business. 

Always be prepared to take on board feedback from your customers as it is valuable. Tweaking and improving your services and systems will reduce complaints and retain customers.



Think Long Term Relationships

Too many businesses  cannot see past the initial sale. That is just the start of the customer journey! If you have nothing to offer beyond a once off sale, then you need to revisit your business model. 

  • If you sell products then wrap services around them. 
  • If you sell services then productize them or add a product an alliance partner makes.

The real growth opportunity in a business is in keeping customers and continuing to provide products they want. You can create:

  • loyalty programs
  • Special credit or vouchers for customers
  • VIP offers for existing customers only
  • Social Media groups
  • Focus groups
  • Campaigns to bring back lapsed customers

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About the Author Brian

Brian helps small business owners win back their time, passion and performance utilizing a proven step by step blueprint for success. A small business coach and consultant for over 10 years specializing in business growth strategies.